Whether or not you're selling, sometimes change is necessary. Maybe you're hosting an event or choosing new furniture or you feel like rearranging everything. A set of fresh eyes can be very helpful. Painting, display, layout, and other easy updates can make a big difference in your space. We always have good ideas. Contact us today to see how we can help.

​staging to sell vacant properties:

   photo/market prep:​

​​​​​​An extensive walk-through of owner-occupied properties. We provide the homeowner with a comprehensive list of photo and market preparations including layout, organization & display, wall color, and other small updates to give the best first impression to potential buyers.                                                        

interior review

 An empty house isn't very inviting, which is probably why professionally staged properties tend to sell faster. House hunters can be picky, and creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere has become more important than ever. With our home staging services, your property will look its absolute best for the open market. All displays are carefully selected from our inventory. Our stage to sell package includes:​​

Entry/Foyer     Kitchen     Living Room     Dining Room     Master Bedroom   ​  All Bathrooms

Additional spaces are taken into account depending on the specific needs of each property. Contact us today before the first potential buyer walks through the door.